He’s not here!! I’m just bullshitting the day away working on this project. Im almost done though!

A week before it’s due. Maybe I’ll work on what I’m going to say.

Anyway, I finally got my Monday’s and Tuesday’s cleared! Right in time for school to start! It’s perfect because my schedule will be a bitch.

But seriously… can someone tell me WHERE THE FUCK IS MAX?!?! Shit nigga!

This is abhorrent! I can’t believe this pussy shit!

Whilst my fat ass is chillin’ on a garbage can!

He’s here! It’s noon! Nigga didn’t have shit for me!

Oh noooo!! So we just had an epic fail occur in the lab, this fucking guy came I. And was all like, “I’m gonna upgrade your windows” so Max goes, “yeah, sure”

This negro updates the system… but wipes out all of our data!! Everything… gone!!

I’m not that upset because I know I can get my data from the NMR room… but brooo!!

I find it delightfully hilarious how cavalier Max is about this.

He’s all like, “oh well, I’ll have to redownload everything”

Muhan likes to cry, so right after he told us, I ran out!

Shit sucks, then you perish!

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