Wtf is this shit?! I’m not doing any experiments today, but when I need the goddamn school WiFi… it’s not there.

Once again, remind me, why am I paying $10K a year to attend this shit hole of a school?

I just need to finish my goddamn slides!!

Jesus! That’s all I’m asking! And this faggot ass school can’t even help in this endeavor.

This place is a joke.

The entry on top of this one shows a match that I made with someone who I’ve seen, kinda, around school.


I made him pop

With a blow job.

Poor guy!

But I didn’t wanna do shit with anyone new anyway, so that was old school but the less drunk I am, the worse Ethan is.

He probably always sucked but I never noticed. Hell.

Oh well. Another bad story I can put here. Hahaha.

I see Joe tonight. He’s the dude in the relationship with an asexual lesbian. So let’s do it!

Funny things:

Oh good lord hahahahaahahaha