Pictures of your abs, or anything else is not sexy.

Especially if I haven’t even met you yet. That’s fucking weird!

What a tool thing to do! Lmao. No one asked…

It’s like me sending my ass in a thong to someone who has never met me before. There’s some attention seeking behavior going on there.

But I’ve been talking to a couple, Eli & Shawna. They are open and looking to expand their relationship. I’m trying to find a couple to swing with James and I.

That shit would be tight if it worked out.

I plan to see Josh again on Friday. God he is sexy as all hell. We might get drinks and then fool around again.

Friday was sexy! So I want to recreate it.

Russell is another no show for Wednesday… and guess what?! Ethan (not the rando dude) the sexy Ethan might come here tonight to come see me!

I have to clean my room… eh. We’ll see! I had a date planned with a new person, but I am probably gonna cancel.

When it comes to meeting new people, I’m done. I met everyone I was supposed to meet…I’m done with these little runts I got left over from the good flock.

No more!!

I got enough man to last me months if I wanted.

So this week will be my first no new people week… we will see!

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