That escalated quickly

You’re not that good looking homeboy. You tried to hide the tits, but on second viewing… nahhhh!!!

He kinda looks like Eric with the tits. Horrible! Lmfao!

You fucked it up with the text. I may have given you a chance before… but I’m actually good right now on that.

Have a nice day.


Pictures of your abs, or anything else is not sexy.

Especially if I haven’t even met you yet. That’s fucking weird!

What a tool thing to do! Lmao. No one asked…

It’s like me sending my ass in a thong to someone who has never met me before. There’s some attention seeking behavior going on there.

But I’ve been talking to a couple, Eli & Shawna. They are open and looking to expand their relationship. I’m trying to find a couple to swing with James and I.

That shit would be tight if it worked out.

I plan to see Josh again on Friday. God he is sexy as all hell. We might get drinks and then fool around again.

Friday was sexy! So I want to recreate it.

Russell is another no show for Wednesday… and guess what?! Ethan (not the rando dude) the sexy Ethan might come here tonight to come see me!

I have to clean my room… eh. We’ll see! I had a date planned with a new person, but I am probably gonna cancel.

When it comes to meeting new people, I’m done. I met everyone I was supposed to meet…I’m done with these little runts I got left over from the good flock.

No more!!

I got enough man to last me months if I wanted.

So this week will be my first no new people week… we will see!