No. You’re not really that sexy.

Nothing to say. Like plain boring dude that would go out to a Saturday brunch.

He ordered the same exact thing as me. And was just slow and weird.

I was like nah. Let me get ready for Dustin Now!

So I’m on it!

Jimbo comes home tonight. So If its James, Russell, and Josh plus one more dude… I’m set. Maybe I can do one night a week for a rando. Maybe Saturday’s?

Who knows…

Josh. Lol

As I awaken at Joshes house…(Yeah, he made the cut) I’m thinking, should I have 3 dudes? Or 4?


This apartment was kinda cool. Like if you want google to play songs, it just did.

But… I have brunch today so I always get antsy like, I need to get home.

I’m not gonna write a lot of about the good ones anymore. We pretty much figured what is what

But if another dude drools on me, it’s getting spoken about. Everyone’s weird kissing is getting spoken about.

Josh bites. All I will say.