Bryan/Roommate Will

These are the two dudes I automatically friend zoned, but they still wanted to hang out.

I talked to my main man about this, and I asked, “do you think they’re wanting to hang because they think there’s a chance I would change my mind?”

And he goes, “Yeah. That is definitely it.”

I wish people realized that I don’t change my mind. Like I told them, I’m only seeing our thing as friendly and not much else.

Bryan seemed to understand that, but he asks me to hang out practically every night!

And with Will, we had a chill convo about it, but then a week or so ago, he asks when we will get Mexican food again. Meh! I told him I was broke and I couldn’t go out to eat, and he told me that he would pay…

That doesn’t sound kosher, right?

So I’m trying to figure it out… but something seems odd.

So idk what to do about this… stay friends? Let these people know that I’m dating others still? Make it a huge fucking deal?


Everyone just knows that Fati’s on a date, so I’m not getting too much bullshit text wise.

We got tinder people who think this may lead into a tonight fuck…

Little do they know, it takes 3… unless you’re extraordinary.

Horrible Tinder Profiles Part 3

Well Aaron, let me just tell you… you’re going about it the wrong way.

Who wants to see your fucking rolls bro?

Who told you that your nude was flattering?!

You want someone to hook up with?! You gotta have at least a description, make me want to know more about you… or know enough to want to meet you… come on!


So I get out of work early, I go straight to the mall. I meant to hit up Walmart, but ended up taking the wrong bus of course.

Ended up at the mall. Bought another swimsuit… but I did not enter the pink store! That would’ve been tragic.

I guess I’m meeting up with Josh later. I told myself that this time will be the deciding factor if I would sleep with him or not.

So we’re going to chillax at his house. Smoke or eat edibles, I don’t really know. I really gotta get off this bus though, I might puke.

So that’s the plan…

Let’s see what happens!

Come to your own conclusion.

To increase my chance

Of getting the bus on a timely manner, I’ve gotten off my lazy fat ass and walked the block to Manning Blvd.

Even though the 12 will pass when I’m walking… I have the chance to catch the 114 too. So it ups my chances and lowers my wait time if I’m doing an activity.

Sounds like life, Fati!

Wearing my Logan jeans to work today. You know, the trip down the hill while stoned jeans

Some NMR:

I got some dirty dirty things in my batch.

NEXT THURSDAY, I become a bionic diabetic!

It’s an exciting time!

We found one mass:

Max will tell me what to do next week.


He’s the male version of me. Hahaha it’s kinda like teamwork… you know.

He’s my favorite constant so far. I can flaunt all my bad habits and a nigga doesn’t care because we have similar habits. I hope that never changes.

Large. Sexy sexy. Can go for days.

But I will beat him one day in skeet skeet skeet.

One day!