I literally caught Max brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Well I didn’t catch him brushing… but he was coming out the bathroom with a toothbrush then he goes, “I’m going to the dentist”

Lmfao who brushes before they go to the dentist. Don’t you brush at home? Maybe he ate… but still.

Working with Aly kinda sucks. She does everything! Like let me do the shit. I know what I’m doing!

But I’m purifying this shit by prep plate. Exhausting!

Now I am waiting for him to come back so we can scrape the shit outta the plate!

Oh my lord. There are 4 bands!

So I scraped 3 and saved the last one for tomorrow. I got 3 NMRs I gotta do tomorrow so I’m gonna be on my P’s and Q’s tomorrow morning.


The only speakeasy pics ever allowed to be taken!

not a very good kisser. Like not drooly but too much suck.

His dick was pretty thick though. Not gonna lie.

It’s always these nerds that got the stuff!

So I can give him a chance even though he doesn’t like my JUUL smoke everywhere. That’s stuff you kinda have to deal with when Fati is in your space.