Had a coffee date with Chemical Genius Corey… and he was pleasant.

Really good looking. I’d fuck him.

Hopefully he doesn’t drool all over me like past occurrences. Hahaha.

I asked if he wanted to hang out later… not sure what he will say.

But I’m like triple booked. Lol I might not do shit tonight! Who knows…


He’s blinded me… with…

Fucking NMR bitch!!

I noticed that when rotovapping this particular compound, it gets super cold… like abnormally cold.

So I’m not sure if I should mention that to Maxxy baby.

I love me some Max. I am really happy his colonoscopy went well. He seems a little nervous about it.

The crockpot in front of physics is gone….

Reaction is set at a larger scale… I hope to get the click color change. Guess I won’t know til tomorrow.