He talked a lot but it was like.. mmm I could fuck you if you shut the fuck up.

Whip that dick out.

Why don’t guys just do that?

Anyway, we’ll see.

I did find out that I am undoubtedly cross dominant. We played basketball, and I shot with my left hand. He even asked, “are you left handed?”

Nope. I just do everything but write with my left. lol not sure why. Cross dominance!

Cooking crack in the Lab.

Actually, what I did was I took the TCO I synthesized way before, and I combined it with the carbonate that I had left over from last week.

I did this reaction last week… so I knew I was looking for that top spot. So I purified it using the same RF values from last time… and I got the same thing! They came out in the same place.

So I separated the two, put them in their own flasks, and evaporated the solvent.

The top spot is oily. Bottom spot was a solid.

Tomorrow I will NMR then first thing, and then figure out how the tetrazine reaction will go (with help from Maxxy baby! I miss his Russian ass!)

I just saw fatty running for the bus with his fucking fat ass then he saw that I was on it and didnt get on. HAHAHAHAHA 😂

The Difference between me and him is I don’t give a fuck where he is or what he’s doing I’m very good at pretending you are not there. seems like he’s not.

By the way he hasn’t Lost any weight at all still got a gut. I didn’t look for too long because I don’t want my fucking corneas to crack butt… I definitely saw an ass that was fatter than mine.

By the way, this is how fat my ass is:

Stop getting stoned and eating Pringle’s fatty!