Lmao. First and foremost, before I say anything…. you typed a fucking essay bro! Who does that… lmfao

Don’t be mad because I didn’t want to talk to you after you drooled on me! Don’t get so mad though! If you drool, bitches are not gonna wanna fuck with you.

I am absolutely a serial dater. Obviously, you’re not getting no dates. Sucks to be you. Problem now is for the new people. My week is taken by the guys I wanna see. So the new people trying to get a Monday here or there are tight. My Saturday’s and Sunday’s are usually open too.

He brought me to Carmen’s for brunch. I was already seeing Sean, who lived right next door. Too much downtown Troy going on!

I take my drink anywhere I don’t feel comfortable with it left. Got a problem with that, you’re probably a Bill Cosby. I honestly wanted to text other people I was gonna hang out with later. To be honest. And I wanted to drink my mimosa. We all know I’m a fucking alcoholic

Tool probably hadn’t gotten laid. Got to date me, forced his nasty drooly kisses on me, then got mad that I wasn’t feeling it.

So like I said, get used to getting ghosted. It will continue to happen because you’re such a rigid bitch!


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