Poor Maxxy baby has to get a colonoscopy tomorrow. So he won’t be in.

Therefore, he is making me repeat the last reaction. He thinks we used too much tetrazine.

So I will have to use like 0.5 equiv of the tetrazine instead of 1:1.

Here’s some of the TLC of the last rxn:

I’ll finish typing this up later as I am Uber busy setting this bitch up.

Never mind, I’m not busy. I’m actually outside twiddling my dick waiting for a rotovap to open up. This rotovap situation is really annoying.

The worst part is when Bilal uses anything. He like puts his shit on it, then goes outside on the phone for hours. We’re all waiting for him to take his done-ass shit off, whatever it is he has it on, and homeboy is in the corner speaking in Turkish.

I hope to Bob that his shit isn’t on the rotovap right now. Niggas be blowin’ mines!

Who left their crockpot in front of the physics department? And why?

What the shit is this shit?!

So, I did like two things today. Set up the reaction, and dried a sample out to use in The DART machine.

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