God he was boring.

Just your run of the mill bland dude.

But we went swimming. I caught a look at his dick through his boxers. It looked small. Lol.

But whatever. No vibe.

Now I am going seeing James (thank god!) We’re gonna smoke pot, eat food, and watch a murder mystery!


I don’t know why I keep hanging out with Gary. It’s just went someone bails (like Jason) it was like meh, nigga is right down the street.

But his cock is too short. It’s thick, but it’s short. Bitch is gonna buy my ass brunch. That is the point.

Lmfao. No…just stop.

But so, I’m just waiting for James to come back.

I’m going swimming with Matt. He has a beard but doesn’t seem hot. It will be our first time meeting.

Then my man will be back!! Uh huh. Lol my man. But he’s the only mother fucker that understood why I am the way I am… cause he is too!!

He goes, “that dumb idiot could’ve been fucking you once a week. He’s dumb” lmfao.

Suck it bitches!