Speaking to James

Now that I’m not drunk, let me explain what others thought of Sean’s psycho ass…

The first time Sean and I met up was on the 7th of July. Today is the 25th… a little more than 2 weeks, and dude went absolutely obsessively psycho.

So James told me from the start… this guy seems possessive… maybe have the convo with him slowly and carefully.

Well, there was no carefully. Homeboy flipped shit when I even talked about sleeping with a trans guy. It didn’t matter who it was… he was jealous.

I should’ve known that he was a psychopath. He told me stories about starting fights in the street then getting his fucking ass whipped.

He has a napoleon complex or something. Lmao. Small man, big ego sorta deal.

But ever since we had sex, he just became possessive as fuck!

he tried to say he wasn’t jealous, he just didn’t want to hear about it…

That’s being jealous.

Whenever I would talk about other people, he would just ignore me… say it was a negative downer. Nah, it’s reality. You need to wake up and smell the coffee.

You were nuts!

He reminded me of Raymond in the fact that he didn’t shower daily, didn’t wear deodorant (which idk who told him that that was ok… I could smell his BO and it wasn’t that great) and I really think he is what got me sick.

White people that have “white pride” or get offended when black people are racist need to fuck off somewhere on an island of their own.

Sean was that kind of weirdo.

He saved me in his phone as chem girl and just because we had little pet names, he thought that that meant that we were in an exclusive relationship.

I will NEVER be in an exclusive relationship EVER again, in my life!

It’s not for me. I need to have different relationships with different people.

But also, people need to see what platonic vs intimate is. Just because we have things in common…but don’t have anything physical… that does not mean anything.

We’re friends.

If sex comes into play…

We’re friends with benefits.

If I like you for more than that…

We’re dating.

If you don’t have a jealous bone in your body, get with your girl! 😉

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