Stop Giving People Chances.

So Sean and I made plans to hang out for the last time today.

We didn’t even make it there. Lmfao. This guy is a possessive psycho.

I made one comment about someone I was thinking about dating and he flipped shit.

He started raising his voice again, and going crazy. He kept saying, “you know, I will take you home blah blah blah” so I said, “take me home” but he kept driving towards Peebles island… so I finally screamed, “GET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING CAR NOW!”

So he slams his car right on the sidewalk of Hannafords and I hop out. I asked for my bag, but he wouldn’t give it to me! So we had a back and fourth tug-of-war over my bag!

Finally I broke free and started walking away, and he drives up next to me and says something, I don’t know… but I told him to fuck off.

His possessive little ass is though! I had fun, but he was just too psychotic! I found it super funny that he thought he could change me… when from the beginning I told him I was poly.

He had jealous ass tendencies… I should’ve just seen Russell today! But it’s okay. I got him on Friday.

Now I have James (who is also poly) picking me up. I’m hiding Incase this psycho lunatic decides to come back and kill me or something. Good goddamn!

At least my life isn’t boring! Lmfao.

And I have two bottles of wine chillin’!

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