I’m Sick

Figuratively and literally.

I keep coughing, my voice sounds like a dude. I can’t sing right now. I’m just fucked.

I got Sean sick too. Wanderlust!

I hope max doesn’t fire me. I’m not taking time off… I’m just sick as fuck. Oh god. He started coughing too! I’m getting everyone ill.

Sean is making a lemon and ginger concoction that he claims will cure this cough. Meheh! We will see.

So Sean has this epic picnic planned for us at Peebles Island again. I told him to make it more romantic this time (as if laying on top of him in his hammock then making out in the wet grass wasn’t romantic the first time)

but I wanna go all out. Wine, fruit… hotdogs. Lmao. It will be cute!

Tonight, him and I will walk around Washington Park and be sexy together.

Max is being Uber nice to me today. He called my eyes beautiful brown eyes. Lol get at me daddy!

So we’re creating this completely unknown compound that even Max doesn’t know how it’s supposed to look.

I’m on the cutting edge, sluts!

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