Sean and I had a huge argument last night about race. It was bad. He started yelling at me and I jumped out of his car.

Then he started driving around looking for me… and I told him that he is not going to yell at me. I have strong opinions, if he can’t deal, then it’s ok.

He asked me if he could take me home. He said please, since it will be the last time we see each other.

He had tears in his eyes. He was really upset.

So we went to the falls and we started to talk about me getting a PhD. So I said that everyone will call me doctor. He got mad about that too.

He said it won’t get me respect… I said, you don’t understand my field.

Get got into another argument. We both started crying. I don’t want to go into details, but he took me back to his house.

We watched brain games and then we had sex. God. He put that shit down. I got another orgasm. He knows how to do it now!

Sorry, if I ever told you you gave me an orgasm with a condom on, I probably lied. A raw cock is the only thing that can do that.

Then we slept and woke up this morning and did it again. Haha. Morning sex is so good. I just grab onto him and play with it a little then smack my ass with it and boom! It’s a super cock ready to shoot loads.

So I will see him Wednesday. Sorry Russell!

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