My ass

Is fat. I know this. I saw my boss checking it out one day. Yes bitch.. that’s grade A African booty right there.

Even Sean precums if he’s touching it for long. Forget hitting from behind. It’s like he really doesn’t want to cum but he end up doing it anyway. Lol he never screams any words except in that position. Lmfao he was like “FUCK ME!” Like fuck, I didn’t wanna cum. Lol shit happens.

I don’t mind if I cum first. I’m glad I’m actually having orgasms again, I was starting to believe I would never have another one.

Well, size doesn’t matter, at all. But girth does… we’ve discussed this at length (no pun intended).

But he’s got both. It’s not humongous Dexter dick. It’s perfect for my body.

His body in general fits with my body. He’s a perfect big spoon. I love waking up next to him.

Yesterday, he told me to be more open emotionally. But he seems to read me pretty well anyway.

He told me that I seem to not want to put my energy into one situation because I’m afraid to waste time and energy for it to not work… he is totally correct.

When I began to realize that I really like this man, it scared me. I started pushing him away. It’s childish, but I’m afraid to get hurt…

we had this talk and decided to try to make things work. He really didn’t want to walk away.

So back to this booty I got. It’s huge. I just bought new leggings, and yes, I will be wearing a crop top to work to show off my ass. Of course. Smd!

I’m going in early to get to Starbucks. Yes bitz!

Hopefully Max is proud that I made some pure benzene compound. We will see.

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