Cutting the strings.

This is what I’m making today. Max has something up his sleeve for this reaction. It’s the first time anyone has done this reaction so he’s being super open-ended.

I just tried to TLC the reaction and they seem to migrate the same. This reaction might need a catalyst.

I’m not smart enough to know what catalyst would get this thing going, but homeboy should know…

I just walked into the Physics department to look at their posters and the dude that lives in my house (whose mail is all over the porch) is doing studies on how methamphetamine leads to apoptosis (unorganized cell death) and I guess they actually use meth in this project. Lmao I didn’t know that was allowed. Maybe it’s not meth but an analog of it…?

Guess what fat piece of shit doesn’t have his research displayed… well, maybe it’s somewhere that I’ve never seen…

today’s a boring day in the lab. I’m supposed to smoke with Gary after work today. I hope he understands the friends thing. If not, I’ll have Sean beat the dog shit out of him.

I had to dump Connor. Sorry, he was a good dude… kinda cute, but there was something weird with how he shaked, kinda like those alcoholics that haven’t had a drink in a day or two.

And his hair was kinda weird, he talked about nothing but his grandma and his mom and shit. He was a little dull. Didn’t have a job, and lived on a friend’s couch.

It wasn’t gonna work! Lol never would I ever dump everyone to be with him… but I would do that for Sean!

That’s the difference!!

When they say, “I’m down to see you if things don’t work out” that’s fucking sad. Very sad.

So I think these dudes that are getting dumped right now was a long time coming. Gotta cut the string.

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