Lonely Brunch

Since Sean had a truck he had to go look at somewhere 40 mins away, I decided that I would get brunch by myself!

Since mother fuckers think we’re dating if they pay for my food,

So… I walked to cafe Madison. On the way there:


So I decided to try their strawberry sangria mimosa

I think this bartender is new. She made it strong. It’s morning time for crying out loud.

But yes, I can’t get my mind off of Sean. Like our time together is so organic and natural. He just fits. I’ve told him most of my deepest secrets. He’s not afraid of them.

So this lonely brunch is nice because I don’t feel like a complete alcoholic. My counterparts are fucking worse.

I’m having one drink… one BLT, and I’m mother fucking outta this trick ass situation.

But… it’s nice to gather my thoughts after a great day. It was the first time I spent the entire day and night with someone. I liked it. A lot.

I think he’s the only one I could do that with. God, he is fucking sexy as fuck!!! Mehhh let me enjoy brunch now.

I canceled with Russell; Sean owns my vagina

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