My Dream Guy

Drives a standard, really fast. Has a huge dick and a nice face. Bright eyes. And calls me Faah-Tim-ah when I’m driving him crazy.

My dream guy loves and enjoys science, and let’s me talk my chemistry. And we have good chemistry.

I might be describing Sean, but lemee chillsx for a minute.

Lonely Brunch

Since Sean had a truck he had to go look at somewhere 40 mins away, I decided that I would get brunch by myself!

Since mother fuckers think we’re dating if they pay for my food,

So… I walked to cafe Madison. On the way there:


So I decided to try their strawberry sangria mimosa

I think this bartender is new. She made it strong. It’s morning time for crying out loud.

But yes, I can’t get my mind off of Sean. Like our time together is so organic and natural. He just fits. I’ve told him most of my deepest secrets. He’s not afraid of them.

So this lonely brunch is nice because I don’t feel like a complete alcoholic. My counterparts are fucking worse.

I’m having one drink… one BLT, and I’m mother fucking outta this trick ass situation.

But… it’s nice to gather my thoughts after a great day. It was the first time I spent the entire day and night with someone. I liked it. A lot.

I think he’s the only one I could do that with. God, he is fucking sexy as fuck!!! Mehhh let me enjoy brunch now.

I canceled with Russell; Sean owns my vagina

Sean Part 1 zillion.

The falls we went to were fucking beautiful. It was an hour drive up.

First we got breakfast and coffee and headed up.

We found the place we were going to hang out at. We swam. The water was fucking cold as fuck! But we cracked open some beers… we drank a little.

Then people started to come to our place. Other couples and everything, so we started to move down. I slipped at some point on a rock and cracked my ass. But I was ok because Sean was there to help me.

We got to our second place, and he starts touching my pussy and clit. No one could see… so I asked him to keep doing it.

Then people started moving down. So I made him move to a more private place. I turned around and he stuck his dick inside me for the first time by a waterfall. God. It was fucking amazing.

We finally left, and got to his house where we took a shower and proceeded to fuck in the shower. Then when we got out, he fucked some more.

He came all over the place. It was awesome.

We fucked like 5 more times between then and this morning. He even gave me a real orgasm. Like I came all over his dick. It was crazy. First one I’ve had in a long while.

He knows how to do it now.

Every time he touches my ass… he gets hard. He is packing something serious.

I left my toothbrush there!! I will be back!

I like him a lot.