Oh good lord

How many goodbyes until you realize that this wasn’t a thing? Jesus Christ!

You rubbed salt into your own wounds! You texted to apologize, I said it was ok… then you continued with this kind of rant. It’s like brah… stop. Shit is over and done with. We talked before. I told you how I felt. I’m not going to go back and forth about your feelings.

You thought wrong. You had inappropriate feelings , that’s your fault… not mine.

I can’t deal with these sensitive niggas. It’s just too much.

Sean asked me to block him, but I think he may get over it soon. Who knows. Maybe not… he seems to be obsessed.

You had feelings. I didn’t have feelings… what more is there to discuss?


He was very apt to pay for anything. Even when I wanted to pay, he said no! I’ll pay! And he paid.

He was kinda shaky. Idk if it was nerves or what… but he was shaking.

We just went to get Asian fusion. Then walked around Washington park, then we went to pintsized.

I bring everyone to pintsized because that’s the first place I was brought to in Albany.

Anyway, Connor is a sweet heart. He but he might like me tooooo much. Idk. I may have to limit him to once every two weeks.

Sean was pissing me off During the date. It’s like, omg I want to feel like I’m not a scheduled thing. Nah, that’s what the fuck it is.

I told him that I’m never gonna be monogamous. Ever.