Not Only

Am I having good chemistry in my personal life, I am also having good chemistry at work.

Max and I have been working on this new reaction that is super complicated. The past few days, we’ve been on a fishing expedition trying to figure out what this compound is.

We still don’t know yet… what we do know, is that it’s a new compound that’s probably never been synthesized in this fashion.

I am discovering shit! And it is wonderful.

I did NMR on it, and one of the compounds in particular caught Max’s eye… so we’re gonna double down on that one.

I hope I can get published… that would be amazing.

I’ve never been happier!

And I already got my next reaction (same one) out and ready to go to be purified by prep plate (I just learned that technique yesterday.)

Yes bitches!! ❤️


Ok, I just got home from Sean’s… it’s almost 8 am, I got work at 10.. no biggie.

I can be late, Max won’t give two shits.

So Sean and I went to Peebles Island last night.

It was so beautiful. We grilled burgers, and drank some Troy Division beer. (Sean loves living in Troy, if I haven’t mentioned that)

We listened to music and chilled in the hammock. Then it started to kinda drizzle.

We had some deep talks. Then we decided to do cartwheels (I was doing them earlier while he was grilling).

Then the rain started coming down hard. We sat there and made out in the wet grass. It was super romantic. He got on top of me in the wet grass first. I had grass all in my hair. Then I flipped him over and got on top of him. He is incredibly sexy. And not only that, he knows shit about everything. This isn’t even a joke.

Sean can uphold a conversation about anything, kinda like me. We just fit; as if we were two puzzle pieces ready to click.

Then we got home (his house in Troy, he owns his own home) and started doing things. Nothing penetrative (since you know who is over) , but ahhh. He is all kinds of sexy.

His body is amazing. He’s not super tall, but he’s taller than me. His dick is yum. Just perfect.

Every time I touched it, he began to precum. I was massaging it (I needed both hands) and he came all over. We did that this morning too. Same result.

Mentally, emotionally, physically. This might be the triad I’ve been looking for.

I really would love to fuck the shit out of him. But I like that we are waiting. I know it’s going to be the best sex I’ve ever had, so I don’t want to rush.

But I’m scared. Truthfully. What if this fails? So I’ll continue to see other people until I’m certain.

Either way, I’m happy with Sean.

Hahahahahaha. He brights up my day! 😂