So Far…

It goes this way…

  1. Sean
  2. Russell
  3. Labeeb
  4. ????
  • Looking for someone to take my last spot… mainly a friend, not looking for the entire package of benefits. Maybe like partial benefits?
  • Sex Addiction.

    This book is starting off super funny. My coworkers are probably like, “what the fuck is she laughing about?”

    Thanks to Sean, who has a collection of Palahniuk books, I would like to get through 2 this summer!


    Had this handlebar moustashe. Lmfao.

    But his dick was like… BOOM!

    He didn’t care too much about anything. He is non-monogamous. I like that!

    He smokes, likes the Grateful Dead, is just a cool 27 year old kid!

    I would like to see him again.

    we were somewhere, I can’t quite remember because I was severely intoxicated at this point, but we were getting food and making out and this guy comes into the store and is like, “damn, y’all making me horny”

    “this is what I’m taking home” and I guess he had a beer or something. Lmfao!!

    Anyway, thems was fun times.