He was cool. Really cute. Knew chemistry. Made me wanna drop my drawz, but I kept them on. Lol

We got brunch. Drank a few mimosas!

It was cool. But he is a horrible kisser. Drool everywhere, dude. I do not want to kiss him ever again.

Then had a picnic with Jeff. We talked about a lot. My frustration with the dating scene… and a lot more.

Then, I had the night left to cuddle and make out with Sean. We haven’t had sex yet, but I think after a few more meetings, we will soon.

God, his lips are full. The way he holds me when we are making out turns me on. He instantly gets hard when we start making out. And when we start, we can’t stop.

He’s the best kisser out of them all I think.

God! Fuck!

I’m starting to want to spend more time with him. If he wanted to do anything, I would cancel all my plans.

He is a sexy piece of shit!

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