The past few weeks

I’ve been on a date every fucking night.

This is exhausting.

I’m thinking of just filling my previous plans I’ve made, and not dating anymore. Lol

I wanna see Josh. I wanna see Labeeb. I wanna see Sean, and I wanna see Russell.

I think that’s a good bunch.

No one else. I’m tired.

Maybe one day when I have nothing to do. lol but these guys can take over my life. I don’t care.

It’s a small tinder world. I’ll be right by Sean’s house today. Good thing he’s in Vermont. Ugh.

Friday night. I got shwasted after that Ethan debockle and I was talking so much shit. I was like HIS DICK IS SMALLER THAT ERIC’s!! Super loud. I’m sure all the physicists in the house heard me. Lmfao.

Oh well. It’s not a lie.

When I explained the Eric shit to Sean, I still to this day blame myself for everything!! I do.

I’m so accustomed to everything being my fault, that I didn’t grow out of it.

He told me that it just sounded like Eric was an asshole. But I said, yeah, he was… but I cannot blame him for everything.

It’s so funny discussing this with other men because they ALL agree. (Except Aaron, he didn’t like the you’ll never get your PhD comment.)

They said it’s not hard to say hey what’s up to someone. Niggas wanna feel like they’re the shit. Hahhha gimmie by mimosa bitch!