Sean. Part II

Too much to type. Come back later for the full story when I have time to be alone and talk about how amazing this man is.

Ok, sorry. I’m actually in bed with Russell (we didn’t sleep together, we just cuddled) and he’s knocked, so here’s my chance…

Sean was like, hey Fatima! Let’s go to the farmers market! So I said, ok!

Sean has his home in Troy, and he absolutely loves Troy.

The Troy farmers market was huge. They had everything you could think of!!

Anyway, I was talking to Sean about my previous date, and he kinda was like, why not just not date people you haven’t been able to have conversations with?! And he was upset. Said he didn’t want to kiss me.

I said fine, I m not forcing anyone to do anything…

So we get to plotterkill and hike to the falls. The water was low, but we found one poor around 3 ft deep.

I ripped my dress off and jumped into the pool (with my suit on of course)

He started taking pictures of me, and then he told me how cute I was and broke down and gave me a kiss.

His kisses… idk man. They’re a lot more passionate than all the others. He just gives me goosebumps all over my body. It’s strange. I’ve never had that feeling before.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other!! It was bad, but he wasn’t pressing the issue for sex. I also have my period and he knew cause it happened at his house, so yeah.

We had a deep talk. It’s kinda helping me sort out what I want to do. But, I need more time.

Anyway, afterwards we ate some Korean BBQ. I was even kinda able to use chopsticks. Haha

We played ping pong and he drove me home.

then Russell came to get me for the nightcap. We watched Black Panther and Spider-Man, then went to bed.

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