I am a Grade A ass!!

So when I hang out with someone and we’re making out or something and this person says I don’t think we should have sex for once I want you to come back and hang out with me some more I’m thinking wow maybe you have a tiny dick…

Why wouldn’t I come back if it’s good.

Of course most of the time I’m not fucking someone the first night, but when I didn’t suggest it, and you don’t want to, don’t fucking say that.


I’m thinking about dumping everyone but Russell, honestly. He’s really been the only one I’ve been fucking for real.


My entire day

Has been taken up by this fucking purification.

Max and I came up with a plan to shoot the compound out by spiking our polar solvent with another polar solvent.

So I found the compound, and avoided the benzene compound (I found that bitch too!)

Now I’m waiting for Max to make his presence back into the lab. Ugh. Being a baby chemist sucks sometimes.

Yesterday was Max’s birthday… he asked how old I was cause he wanted to see if he was twice my age. Lol close, but no.

This is Qui’s rxn. Not exactly sure what it is, but it looks cool as fuck!

He just told me he’s doing photochemistry with visible light. The blue color is methylene blue which is a catalyst. He’s trying to get a double bond in his compound to react with a single excited oxygen atom.

Super fucking cool!

I’m super photogenic. Took this yesterday.

So today after work, I will he meeting Labeeb for drinks. He seems to really like to drink. First black guy I would’ve hung out with since I’ve been in Albany.

I’m an equal opportunity hanger-outter. Lmao.

I was supposed to see Joshua for lunch, but he canceled. I will not hold it against him since I’ve never met him before, and we’re able to have an adult conversation.

Aaron is nuts. I talked to Russell about him. Russell said that Aaron overreacted, and went crazy with the email after I blocked him.

We only hung out for a week!! Yesterday he just proved that he was nuts. It’s like bro, we talked… we’re going around in circles. Let’s agree to disagree. Nothing you say will make me change my mind about things.

I think he was sad that a hot girl didn’t want to be with him.

He’s fucking out of his mind though. Lmfao.

I like Russell! He’s so chill and down to earth. Really easy to talk to. Doesn’t complain or get too bothered.

I think next week we might just go to his place and watch a movie instead of going out… if he wants. He had to wake me up at 1 am to drive me home. It seemed like a stretch. So next week will be more chill. Plus I think my period is coming.

Anyway, yeah!

we popped bottles for Max’s birthday. So good. I think this cake may have murdered me though.


We look good together.

I don’t even think I have to say that we had fun.

We had a good talk! We tried some free whiskey this time. We went Dutch, my bill was super expensive! Lol

But I wanted him to know that I wanted it to be 50/50.

Great sex afterwards. We never use condoms together. He just knows that I’m using them with everyone, so no worry.

Russell will be constant for a long time.