What the fuck?!

I got so drunk last night that I ordered food on Grubhub and passed out and finally it came. I think it was a pizza…

Lol no, it was a calzone. Omg I remember. I passed the fuck out before it though. They kept calling.

I ate before I passed out. How the fuck did I order more food…

Atleast I didn’t talk to anyone in that state. I would’ve been like “I don’t trust you!” Hahahahaha

Let me stop…. I did try to text Aaron but he probably blocked me too. Oh well. I don’t really care.

Today, I talk to them during the day… and the night, I got my Russell.

I don’t feel shitty which is why I keep drinking. This is getting to be an every day thing though. I’m drinking my happiness, and I’m drinking my sadness and annoyance.

Tonight, I may not want to drink that much. Just one or two.

I can wake up at 5:30 and fuck Aric or get ready for work… it’s horrible.


Let me get my shit together….

lol my “gay” ex just added me AGAIN on Instagram. Wtf. I’m not following him.

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