I look forward

To Wednesday’s with Russell. He’s such a laid back dude, it’s nice to have that back and forth banter.

And the sex is awesome. Goddd. Ahhh… would love to have that again.

I have to wait til tomorrow. He’s gonna dress up! And we will go to the speakeasy and have food and drinks.

I like that so much.

He turns me on a lot! Mmm.

I’ll be hopping and skipping outta work tomorrow! I’ll try to take a picture of us tomorrow dressed in our Sunday best!


Yeah, we’re done.

I have a seriously busy schedule and I can’t have this bail all willy-nilly.

I talk to all these Niggas every single day!Except him and he wants to be the main guy… like bro ski you’re going to have to work harder than that.

I think he’s a little bit more bummed out that it ended than I am.

One of my issues with Eric was that he was not attentive enough sorry I’m not going to be in a situation with people that are not attentive, but yet the same people want to be top-notch fuck that!

So what happened was he texted me and asked to reschedule he knows that I am very stringent with my scheduling everyone gets their day and I’m not going to switch someone else’s day for someone who can’t even keep hard.

I don’t want to compare but comparing him to Russell it is a complete 180.

Russell and I can talk about things even though we’re having sex and it doesn’t always have to be sex but I think maybe Aaron 😍 and I just didn’t have things in common other than sex so it’s not a good situation to begin with.

I even talk to Aric every day and I know I’m not going to see Aric every week but… Aric and I are also friends besides just doing stuff.

And after talking tto Varon on the phone yesterday and talking about Aaron 😍’s little issue whwhich he told me that I’m obsessed with this issue…. it’s because this is never happened to me ever it’s weird.

So I tried to ask him to stop texting me because he just wants to text about it and he would not stop I had to block him.

Is different from when I blocked Eric because I know Eric wasn’t gonna say anything but I just didn’t want to hear ifi he had something to say.

But it was obvious that this guy obviously he was mad that I decided to end things he’s like oh I’m the one that called it off OK then stop talking! Lmfao.

He acted like a hurt little teenager that just got dumped.

Lmao. Well dodged a big one there.

Hahahahahaha he is so hilarious!!


I just said this…


I purified the coupling rxn.. it Looks a lot different than it did last week last week it was more in waxy consistency. This week it’s yellow and it was more oily.

So tomorrow he has me checking NMR on it hopefully I get good results.

He had to leave so he had me come in early today.

this is the cutest roundbottom ever.

This phone situation sucks I feel like a ignoring it all the time.

At some point I’m going to have to respond.