Max texted my ass to tell me to come in an hour early.

Lol good. I’ve been running into that tiny dick nigga on the bus… it’s like if Aric surpassed you, you need a penis implant.

Tiny, and he couldn’t fuck.


So I’m thinking of dumping Aaron… idk though. I will talk to him about it this Friday

I need to replace him first… hi… Aric.. hey… wanna be my fb for the summer?

Eh idk. If he wants to drive with a breathalyzer. Lol.

But he is sexy as all hell. Shit. Fuck. Nothing.



We didn’t fuck but he was a good kisser.

I don’t think I want to fuck him or Connor, they might fall in love.

I don’t need that…

Well, Phil is a dick… I told him I won’t see him again. His stupid weird ass. This is why…

Aric was cute, Phil was a fill-in. Pun entirely intended. Lmfao.