Big dick.


Probably won’t get together again soon though.

but he was fun, and really sexy. And could take a joke.

Lol Ruzzle live was fun.

He was super cute! As I already knew.

and that cock was ahhh amazing. But it wasn’t like Russell or Aaron, but it wasn’t Eric… lol so that’s always good.

Lmfao. I passed out before Jon Jones fought. I can’t even remember. I was so drunk.

We did it downstairs in his brothers room. Lol then we woke up around 5 and did it again.

That second one was like crazy cause I was sucking his dick and he goes “yeah, no, I need a condom now” lmfao.

I met his mom. She’s cute and short.

I told him about getting food and shit and he goes, “the brunch dudes haven’t upgraded to dinner yet?” Hahahaha god, he was hilarious.

he won’t be around this weekend (good!) I can spend it with the “others”.

Ugh my Sunday is vagina on ice day. No sex today. God fucking mother fuck.


Lol we were talking about why I’m such a gold digger for food… and I go, because I dated someone who had a small dick… it’s my revenge.

We laughed for a minute. Lol

I told him, height really doesn’t matter… nigga can me 5’11 and have a smaller dick than someone 5’8. Seriously!