Connor is a fucking cutie.

So he’s not quite in line with my type dark-haired dark eyed Italian man. He was actually part Jewish I think… but he was really cute really nice eyes.

We went to the point and ate a meal that he did not like so they didn’t charge him I just had crabcakes. I also got a glass of moscato. it was really good moscato.

After we completed our meal we decided to go on a walk so we walked around Washington Park and just talked.

Then I decided that it was the end of the date because now I’m going to see Aric so I decided to give him a little kiss.

He was kind of giggling during this kiss Aaron 😍 did the same fucking thing I don’t know why guys do that…

Are they giggling because they’re excited or are they giggling because they find it funny I’m really not sure why they giggle when I’m kissing them…

But I plan on seeing Connor soon he’s not really in a good living situation right now so I don’t know if we’re going to hook up right away I’d like to have a few more dates with him before I do that

I kind a new with most of the guys like after the date yeah I’m gonna hook up with them the next time I see them I knew with Aaron 😍 right away actually with him I want to make sure that he doesn’t have feelings like serious feelings

Because he did say that his last girlfriend was from Tinder…

I just find that wild that any fucking guy would just date a girl off tinder and like seriously date ththem I find that so crazy.

I also think I overbooked my Tuesday this is going to get bad I’m gonna have to cancel and make a decision.

Tomorrow after I see Jeff I’m just gonna go and try and find a schedule or something to write this shit down on because this is getting wild.

Next week for sure I think I overbooked myself but I might have Sunday night open I’m not exactly sure

I think I’ll make a date for Sunday night on Wednesday after I see Russell if I do see Russell

After I talk to Russell about not wanting anything serious it kind of seem like he Kinda wasn’t as excited and he was excited but I don’t know somethings seem different.

And I really need to stop talking to Aaron 😍 about tinder dates but he’s my friend so I just feel like I can talk to him about shit

But it seems like every time I talk to him about things he gets really jealous and maybe I should just stop and just talk about them to my journal.

I don’t fucking know what to do it just seems more natural to talk to another person about tinder dates feel like maybe Phil won’t be as jealous as Aaron 😍 or Russell

Aaron 😍 is just jealous because he knows what we have and it’s really good but he also knows that we’re not in a place to be serious so he has no reason to be jealous.

whatever Connor was cute Connor was really cool he kind of reminded me of Ethan a little bit.

But an Ethan that is completely obsessed with Nirvana.

Whatever Aric should be here by 7:20 so I’m just waiting for him my hair got completely wet on this last day and I really just don’t feel like straightening it right now so it’s going to be a hot mess and I don’t give a fuck I’m not trying to impress nobody.

Nigga shaved his beard off…like why would you do that when you’re meeting me… I like beards

But whatever I like my weekends getting double dip do you know like someone in the morning someone at night so Saturday and Sunday are good for that.

But I also need to build up my man list because if these two Niggas don’t make it through I have a whole heap come in afterwards

I honestly didn’t know that Aaron 😍 knows that I can just go out in the anyone else because he makes it seem like all he’s just not doing it that I’m really the only girl he seen like but he did tell me he had other girls he just doesn’t see them as often

So I don’t know I can help him burn some calories for the next month before school starts again…

All the guys

I’ve dated thus far have all looked the same.

They have dark hair, a dark full beard/ mustache. All of these guys also have the biggest cocks in the universe.

Lol idk how I keep getting lucky… but today I plan on seeing Aric, who has a complete baby face. He’s so cute.

But we’re just Ruzzle friends, that’s it. Whatever happens, I will be under the influence. Sorry Aaron!

So because I’m so completely and absolutely sexy and all these niggas wanna fuck me and waste their super likes on me, I have 211 matches. Have I talked to them all, no… lol but my phone is popping. Lol if I don’t look at it (when I’m on a date) I’ll be getting blown the fuck up.

It’s nice that people want to spend time with me.

It’s still Aaron, Russell, Jeff, Phil and yeah, those are my go to people. Everyone else is on the damn outskirts.

For now.

I’ll go to breakfast and shit but, outskirts.

OK so I just had a man tell me that they are willing to spoil me and that they would give me anything that I desired…that is such a bad thing to say because a person like me. getting spoiled? I would turn into a fucking bitch.

I’d be like nigga, get me those Jordans, get me that nice little fur coat (made out a rabbit)…like it’s not a good plan.

But honestly people are somewhat desperate out in these streets.

That’s why I like Aaron 😍 and Russell they’re not gonna blow up my phone telling me all this bullshit like they’ll give me compliments of course but they’re not like oh yeah I’m gonna go out and buy all this shit like it’s a different type a relationship that I have a those guys

Every time I say Aaron 😍 with text to talk it comes up with his name with the hearty smily emoji. it’s so funny.

Like anyone that reminds me at all of Eric…body wise, face wise, attitude wise…I’m like get the fuck out of here bro!

And that fucking hairline…anyone with that nasty hairline, I’m like bro, no…you’re not even getting matched! I’ll take a bald man before a man with that shitty ass hairline anyday.

It’s like a Kellie kitson’s dad hairline. no one will get that reference but Kellie Kitson was one of my friends in high school and that hairline just reminded me of her dad.

usually when I see a beard I’m like yes bro and it just happens that most people with the beard that I like have dark hair and Kinda all semi-look the same.

I don’t know if they just happen to have big dicks or if just the ones I’m meeting do… but they all have big dicks. (Girthy, I think is a better word.)

All I can say about this is I have exquisite taste. I’ve obviously made a few laughs is in judgment these past few months but lately it’s like everything is going well

so this guy Phil, the way he looks at me…he has these adoring eyes it’s really cute. He doesn’t ever want to let me go. I just went to his house for an umbrella, and he would not let me go. He kept looking at me with these eyes. Ahhh he like wanted me to stay there and he asked me to call him later if I was available.

The way Aaron 😍 looks at me is a little different I could tell he really likes me, but he has more of a sexual look in his eyes when he’s looking at me.

Now Russell he has more of a friendly look on his face and when he’s looking at me because we have this kind of banter back-and-forth like we joke around and it’s really funny but yeah he’s more of like a friend that wants to fuck me or has fucked me, I should say.

Jeff always looks at me like he’s interested in everything I’m saying and it’s really nice help just go back-and-forth talking about nothing but everything at the same time sort a deal but like everything he talks about is really interesting and he’s traveled a lot so he tells me about different places he’s been it’s really cool I like Jeff too.


Omg I feel so bad. I totally fell asleep on him.

But we were fucking around and we ducked around and then we were drinking wine, and then I just passed out.

And he goes, “hey Fatima. I’ll take you home if you want.”

Before I passed out, we talked about EVERYTHING. He was feeling a little jealous about me dating, but I told him I liked how transparent we can be together. So…

Ok so listen, that sex is top notch. His dick is still not able to hold completely up… it’s a good thing I fucked before. But it was good. When I sucked him off… he was like about to explode.

We talked about a lot. About everything. He even sent me home with melatonin and chamomile tea to help with my sleeping.

He’s so cute, I really like him.

I’ll see him next week sometime.