So I’m sorry, but Sam has a tiny dick that reminded me of Eric’s.

Ok so we didn’t automatically fuck… we went bar hopping around downtown Albany.

I spent so much money. We went Dutch, he bought dinner and our first two drinks.

We went to a bar across the street from Lionheart, and got a drink.

Then we went to lionheart, got a drink and played darts. He payed.

Then we went to savoy and got two to three drinks and bar food. We split that too.

This is where I don’t remember. We got back to his apartment and idk etf happened, but I woke up next to him and he was naked.

I saw his little dick and I was like, “get me the fuck out of here”

So I just came up with an excuse to leave and I booked it.

Yeah, that’s not ever gonna happen again.

Today, I will be seeing Phil for lunch, and Aaron gets all of me during the evening.

I kinda like being poly. It’s awesome. I can just get to know people and see where our interests and physicality lie.

So far, Aaron, Russell, and Jeff each do something different for me that I enjoy.

Aaron is my sexual dominator. He will get me dripping wet by just pulling his thing out. (He gets anyday he wants, but I’d like for it to be Friday’s)

Russell is my cute little date night and sex kinda guy. We get along a lot, and the sex is also amazing. (He gets my Wednesday’s)

Jeff is my very good friend. Someone I could go on adventures with, talk about music and science! He gets my sundays. (Usually the morning, but we can extend that!)

So I will only have 4 days of the week left…

Everything is pretty good for right now though!

Mostafa made this for me. I feel bad because he seems to have fallen hard for me, and I’m just not feeling that. He had a small penis and couldn’t last. I don’t do those!

Eh, I’m excited for tonight though. That nigga is sexy as all hell!

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