So I got Phil in before I see Aaron, and I didn’t want to fuck before I saw Aaron, but fuck it! I wanted sushi and I was bored waiting for this nigga.

So we went to shogun:

The food was amazing!!

Then we went back to his house, he lives in a loft style apartment too. Kind of like Aaron’s, but Aaron’s is bigger.

Aaron’s wang is bigger too but let me stop, Phil is also packing! I think my type of man: with dark hair, dark beard, a little chunky center, is the perfect type for niggas with big ass cocks.

Anyway, he had a very large dick! It wasn’t very long, but it was thick as fuck.

We retired back to his place and watched his favorite episodes of Black Mirror.

I was with him for about 4 hours before I asked to go get ready for my mannnn. I mean, I’m getting ready for a “housewarming party”. Lmao.

So I will see him again next Thursday.

Dude, that Brian guy, the math PhD is so annoying. I don’t think I’m sending any signals. I haven’t hugged him, nor have I really say and ate with him after that initial lunch.

He drove me to the doctors on Wednesday and bought me lunch, but after that he kept texting me to ask to hang out. It was like broooo… lmfao.

It’s never gonna happen. I don’t care if he has the biggest cock in the world, it’s never gonna happen!!

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