Russell Part II

So, I decided Russell and I will hang out right before the holiday so I suggested we go to the speakeasy.

On our way there, we saw a man facedown on the sidewalk not moving. We decided to call the police!

Speakeasy is a resturant in downtown Albany that is like a 20’s prohibition bar. No cameras, no phones, no nothing. Just you and the alcohol and food!

The food was great! And we got to try this crazy gin that tasted so good!

We decided we would go there every Wednesday.

Anyway, then, we went back to his house. I felt his dick through his pants and I was like… yeah, it’s big.

Well it was. We didn’t use condoms. Lol he’s 33… condoms suck at that point unless you’re a pansy bitch.

My vagina is on ice for the day because I also have to see Aaron on Friday and that will be something also.

I will be sore this weekend. Poor Aric, he got my Saturday when honestly the week seems to be better for me. Lol

But him and I will have fun!

Russell’s penciled in for Wednesday’s now

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