My Tree of Dick

Aaron (he’s the main one… he made me like crazy or something I can’t stop thinking about screwing the fuck out of this man.$

Mike (I actually cant remember talking to him or another Mike… idk. There’s too many whites people names in my inbox right now.

Mostafa (were not having any more sex, that dick was tiny)

Guys I could fuck: Russell–Aric–Ethan–Tristan

Guys that I see good friendship: Will–Jeff

Guys that are just out of their mind: TJ lmfao.

Honestly… the other guys that get the note text tone are just there to talk. I don’t think I will make a lot of time for them.

I can’t. I’m juggling like 4 dudes. That’s enough work. But I’m still on the hunt for more! Lol what if I get bored?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be getting bored of that fucking sexy mother fucker any time soon. He knows he’s at the top of the heap!