I think there are people in the life sciences building. Women, that come to the bathroom to sit and text on their phones.

Now that my phone is in a constant state of texts and other sorts of messages, I’m unable to not do that as well. Hahaha

So this morning Max and his sexy fucking ass was like, “Ok. Dis next reaction needs to go to dee ratovap, but eeevaporating saalvant will be deeificult so I will see you in about fortchi meenites lol

Lol so we are rotovapping the DMF off the shit. That nigga shit takes a minute to go!

Awww my favorite boy:

He’s such a fucking sexy mother fucker!

Anyway, so I’m here in the lab texting away…

finally got to talk to Mostafa about things… he thought he was the only person dating me. Lmao! Was he mistaken!

I just told him that I am not in the place to start a new long term thing after the first date. Lmao people are wild… but I think he understands and is willing to work with me towards something…

Anyway, when we worked the reaction up… and TLC’d it… max did not like what came out on the other side! So, I have to figure out what it is… maybe tomorrow.

we got nothing! Idk what’s wrong with this thing! It’s frustrating…

Anyway, we will see tomorrow .

Max seemed very happy today. He smiled a lot and laughed at some of my jokes. I’m more comfortable with him now!

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