The schedule:

This tinder date thing is getting out of hand! I’m forgetting names and where I’m supposed to be. Lol

Ok for right now, my schedule (Next week) is

Monday (afternoon): lunch with a rando (if I can) if not lunch with Aaron (if he wants)

Monday (night): Ian.

Tuesday (night): rando

Wednesday (night):Russell

Thirsday (night): Aaron Phil.

Friday )night):Aaron

Saturday morning: Gavin

Saturday (night): Tyler

Sunday (morning): Jeff.

Sunday (night): Sean

So I was just talking to Aaron about this, and he started getting a little jealous. Not like overbearing, but he made a comment that he didn’t want to think of other men with me.

He said he has other ladies, but he’s not seeing them every week. He asked me not to be mad at him.

It’s kinda cute, I’m not even gonna lie. But I really want him! Tonight, if I could, but I don’t want to invade his space or private life.

I was hanging with Will, but honestly, I was thinking of him the entire time. Just how much I want his delicious huge out of control cock.

God fuck god damn ahhh

God, we’ve been talking about what we’re going to do to each other the entire day… and that sex.

Oh. My. God.

I need to just make myself cum and call it a day.

Aaron part II.

Has my full and undivided attention.

When I have 25 text messages stuck in my inbox I’m only responding to his at that point.

He said he wanted to be my number one and honestly at this point he basically is he is as perfect for what I am looking for right now as can be.

Dead ass not only is he completely attentive to my needs and what I care about and able to make me laugh and doesn’t care who I interact with and what I do, unless I am not putting him as number one in my book… he’s also very sexy with a very large and juicy cock.

I would literally share his cock with another woman. Ahh god. That is so sexy to think about.

He sent me a dick pic and it drove me crazy!

I’m kinda making him do it again. It has to be better than before.

I want him to throw me all over the place… pin me down. And do whatever he likes.

I don’t think I will sleep because I will just be imagining it.



I think there are people in the life sciences building. Women, that come to the bathroom to sit and text on their phones.

Now that my phone is in a constant state of texts and other sorts of messages, I’m unable to not do that as well. Hahaha

So this morning Max and his sexy fucking ass was like, “Ok. Dis next reaction needs to go to dee ratovap, but eeevaporating saalvant will be deeificult so I will see you in about fortchi meenites lol

Lol so we are rotovapping the DMF off the shit. That nigga shit takes a minute to go!

Awww my favorite boy:

He’s such a fucking sexy mother fucker!

Anyway, so I’m here in the lab texting away…

finally got to talk to Mostafa about things… he thought he was the only person dating me. Lmao! Was he mistaken!

I just told him that I am not in the place to start a new long term thing after the first date. Lmao people are wild… but I think he understands and is willing to work with me towards something…

Anyway, when we worked the reaction up… and TLC’d it… max did not like what came out on the other side! So, I have to figure out what it is… maybe tomorrow.

we got nothing! Idk what’s wrong with this thing! It’s frustrating…

Anyway, we will see tomorrow .

Max seemed very happy today. He smiled a lot and laughed at some of my jokes. I’m more comfortable with him now!


Niggas gotta be all sensitive and shit. Lol but, I respond to all texts cause I know how it feels to not get a response to someone you’ve cultivated a healthy discourse with for some time.

I like how random these texts are… but unique.

I’ve never had my phone blow up like this ever!

But ok, to work now.


So I went to see him..

We chilled at his awesome new apt he just moved into uh! Right away I was super attracted to him. He has a great face that wears no resemblance to 32. Like someone who would agree and not get angry and worries that he would not have me so they’ll do whatever.

He’s like I’m ok with you doing this that and that. He has a rather large cock that is nice.

It’s not completely long… but it’s thick as shit. It’s like what I would perfectly want in all the time. Maybe twice a week.

So his apartment is amazing and he basically let me act like I was living there. We took a shower together. Lol that was productive. We didn’t really shower… but there was some soap flying around.

I walked around the entire thing naked and eating. And smoking and being loud during sex.

His apartment is two floors. He lives alone so I was able to make as much noise as I wanted. Omg. Lol that cock!

Like fucking 6” 3 in circumference. Idk if I’m actually looking at inches or centimeters bro, it doesn’t matter… it’s got girth for days. It’s such a tight fit. but it will hit my spot.

So we were in his kitchen with the munchies and I get on my knees and start sucking him clean off. That was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever done.

When I look up to him, he is just giving me these eyes like damn, you’re dominating me right now.

Mmm. If the next time is really good… I might sleep over. But not to bring this up during something good but, I’ve had better sex with strangers than I did with that person I saw for 3 months!

So I overrated him, maybe… idk you always want to make the person you’re dating feel good and not inadequate. At the end of the day, he could not handle my BJs. He would cum after a 15 minute one. And sex. Lol 3-10 mins… every single time!

I sucked aarons cock for like 3 hours, and he finally came. But then stood right back up and wanted more.

I have pictures of thee dicks. One is not the same. Lol

But enough about that. Good god. Ah ah ah

He is just ah.

Ahhh so I was thinking of arranging shit like this… people I know I’m going to want to see every week on Saturdays… people I’m going to fuck, maybe Tuesdays thursdays. Cool people I’m not physically attracted to but could have a good time and good convo… friends… on sundays… and and Monday Wednesday and Fridays on randos that I don’t want to do and use the night to hook up with the Tuesday Thursday’s lol I see you on Saturday, it means I’ve wanted to see you for a long time. Aric… I’ve knows for 7 years, we’re going to meet. I know I’m going to want him!

Idk… maybe revamp it if it’s like too cramped with bullshit…. but also it’s their time that works that makes it a thing. Whatever’

Hang out and fuck is nice. Idk. 5 days a week, but sometimes idk I don’t need that. I need someone I’m not only gonna want their cock. Depends….

All of this while I’m fucking and watching a movie and just talking, and smoking, and finally sucking that cock.

God. It’s like I could do that every day, if I wanted… but Sunday might be the rest day. Make out maybe and think of fucking.

Lol idfk. I’ll go out every night!

Anyway. That Cock was a fight for. But he knows let’s him one more try. Next week.

P.s. I was so wasted I have no idea what that was even supposed to mean but yes, Aaron wants my top spot, and so far he has it.

The rest of those niggas cannot do what he can to me. God that shit was so good.