So Max and his fine fucking ass gave me a new project to do! It’s a HATU coupling reaction!

It’s going to be used as an RNA linker, I believe.

I said hello to him in Russian when I walked into his office and he said he doesn’t know hello in French lol. I was laughing so hard today because when I was in his office to discuss the new project, Muhan came in and says, “Hey Max… we have the coffee social today” and he goes “Oh Shit! I forgot!” Then he kept saying, “oh shit!” Hahahaha I think that’s his favorite curse word.

Anyway, we took a group picture for the coffee social and he took a round bottom flask, filled it with some kind of cola, and drank it. Or acted like he was drinking it… i was laughing so hard at the picture!

I hope I can get a copy of it.

So I was separating something, and I couldn’t make it so aqueous shit didn’t get into my organic layer. I kept doing it until Noon when I figured out that it was not my fault, but the funnel fucking sucked ass!

So I got a new funnel and was able to do it.

Then I was starting the new reaction and he was finally back in his office, but he looked like he was half awake. He didn’t even help me really, he just got the solvents and reagents and told me to mix the TCO with DMFand HATU before adding the amine.

Then he disappeared, and I went home. Lol

The post docs in my lab are either retarded or lazy. We had NO DCM in the lab… and I asked shunshen if we could go to the solvent room to get DCM, and he says, “we don’t have DCM” and Aly overhears and goes, “we have none in the solvent room?” And he goes, “yes. We do.”

Nigga! You see there isn’t any solvent… go fucking get it asshole. Aly was so pissed! She said that this lab would fail if she wasn’t there, and that is somewhat true.

The post docs are really not working with a sense of urgency.

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