So Brian is a math PhD working as an adjunct in the math dept. I was not expecting him to be as nerdy and lanky as he was.

We got lunch. It was good. We had some decent convo, but he didn’t seem very exciting or interesting at all. He was a sweetheart, opened all doors for me… even the car door. Chivalry is not dead, it’s just with the nerds. Lol this was the first meeting I had that I was like eh, nah… this is not a thing.

He didn’t have any similar interests… nor even enjoy the music that was playing on his radio!

I guess we could be friends…but it is not going to go any further.

My Wednesday is open now! Lol

Aaron is also a PhD in anthropology. But he’s working in the Education department as a researcher.

We met up when I sneaked away to bullshit when Max disappeared. Lol

We had a good conversation, and he was super cute. Kinda short, but he was cute.

We spent 30 minutes together, but are actually going to meet up a bit later to drink beers and smoke pot.


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