Mostafa is.

kinda clingy after one date.

I cannot do that at this point.

Clingy is just annoying.

I might life the feeling of a first date with a nice guy a little too much.

It’s refreshing!

I don’t want to get stuck on one when there’s an entire field out there!

After one date.

I can’t just do that, unless I’m comfy enough to stay the night with them.

First guy I stay the night with will get my absolute and complete attention.

Right now, I’m just seeing who I vibe with… and who I would see again.

It sucks that there’s only 7 days in a week…

I need more time.

Hell. I love my life right now. It’s nice making different kinds of connections.

Guys can be even more clingy than girls are. But idk the feels of a first date are nice. It’s like someone new you made a great connection with right away and enjoy.

I will settle down at some point. But I need more 2 and more dates to say that for sure.

when you get it all… there isn’t that element of surprises

The surprise is nice. I know sexually, my shit is amazing. So just taking that time is awesome.

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