Mostafa is.

kinda clingy after one date.

I cannot do that at this point.

Clingy is just annoying.

I might life the feeling of a first date with a nice guy a little too much.

It’s refreshing!

I don’t want to get stuck on one when there’s an entire field out there!

After one date.

I can’t just do that, unless I’m comfy enough to stay the night with them.

First guy I stay the night with will get my absolute and complete attention.

Right now, I’m just seeing who I vibe with… and who I would see again.

It sucks that there’s only 7 days in a week…

I need more time.

Hell. I love my life right now. It’s nice making different kinds of connections.

Guys can be even more clingy than girls are. But idk the feels of a first date are nice. It’s like someone new you made a great connection with right away and enjoy.

I will settle down at some point. But I need more 2 and more dates to say that for sure.

when you get it all… there isn’t that element of surprises

The surprise is nice. I know sexually, my shit is amazing. So just taking that time is awesome.


Was really cute, and we had a really good kinda make fun of you relationship building.

He was super cute. Kinda short, but still super cute. Good face.

34. Works for the state. Lives alone.

We did not sleep together.

We made out though.

It was kinda nice. He uses a little too much tongue. I’ll tell him if I see him next time.

We played a game where you had to describe things or act them out, and you had to guess it.

Lol there was something funny where it was riding a bike and I had to act it out and he found this so funny.

Lmao. Great game to play on a first date.

We were in pintsized doing this.

Then we went to savoy, ate a little and talked a little more. Great conversation. It just flowed.

He was really nice, and really sweet.

I plan on seeing him again soon.


My schedule

I’m sorry I need to keep up with this or I’ll forget I made plans.


Monday: Brian/Aaron.

Tuesday: Will.

Wednesday: Russell

Thursday: Sam.

Friday: Phil I’m sorry. But I’ll have to give this to Aaron! Phil’s getting fucked. Aaron will make me drop a hot date in a New York minute. So I don’t think he has much competition

Saturday: Aric

Sunday: Jeff (again)/ plan to have Sean that night.

Then Mostafa will be coming to work out with me on Monday Wednesday or Friday.

Jesus. My life is awesome!!

I have people that want to meet me!

For the love of goddamn Christ,

Dexter has an amazing fucking body, penis, everything omg.

I’m really attracted to him.

So this started with him texting me to say that he couldn’t wait to be touching my perfect body tomorrow night, and he didn’t know what to do with himself so I suggested to jerk off to my nudes.

So I sent him nudes and videos.

Lol he is so fucking omg. Omg.

I can’t even describe how seeing his large ass penis and imagining it inside me made my body react.

I just got instantly incredibly wet

Ahhhh fucking Jesus Mother fucking lord god Christ shit fuck ah ah ah

I’m just so turned on by him. I’m gonna have to make an epilogue about Monday night.


Wow! I am really meeting really fun and interesting people!

Jeff is a archeologist/epidemiologist who loves to travel and try different kinds of foods! He just finished his PhD.

We met at iron gate and he was a great conversationalist.

We talked about a whole bunch of different shit and he is also a Radiohead fan.

I was like bro, how do I continue to get this lucky with the people I meet? Like what?

We didn’t sleep together… but I would like to see him soon and develop whatever happens.

He seemed really chill and laid back.

I’m so happy that I’m just meeting all these cool people and hope it turns out cool.

It’s Not The Length of The Boat, It’s The Girth.

Ok, I’m about to do a 180 from something I may or may not have said years ago…

The topic: penis size.

So, it’s a myth that big dicks are more satisfying to a broad (I’m only speaking vaginally; don’t ever talk to me about a southern orifice ).

This myth is SEVERALLY UNTRUE! (At least to me).

Let’s say a dude with a 10 inch dick wanted to have sex with me… I would immediately get very scared and pass. I wouldn’t ever fucking do it, unless I wanted my sex to be painful and uncomfortable. I am a very petite woman and I’m just not trying to do that.

The optimal penis I would love to screw would be between 5.5-7 inches when ready to go.

But length isn’t even that important.. the main thing that I (and most other people that like cocks in their vaginas) care about is the girth.

Girth is the most important thing because it’s the thing that takes part in ones satisfaction, not the length… (though hitting certain spots is important)

I can say unequivocally, I have never had an orgasm with someone who had a dick bigger than 7 inches.

I lost my virginity at age 18. I am 30 years old now. So in 12 years, a large penis has not given me an orgasm… I don’t want to say a blanket statement that it’s just not possible for them to give me an orgasm, but that’s what I believe.

There was a person that had the right length, but the girth was not there at all… I’m talking the skinniest penis I’ve ever seen in life. It was kinda comical, but I tried really hard not to laugh at the guy’s junk.

Surprisingly, I did get an orgasm… but nothing before that felt very good. He was just able to hit a spot, the rest consisted of me maneuvering myself in such a way that it happened.

This penis was so skinny that whenever this person wore a condom, it was a little loose. (I was on BC during the entirety of our relationship, so I didn’t care too much), but one time he put a magnum on (since those were the only condoms I had) and that shit was obviously way too big. It slipped right off. It didn’t have a chance to fit! Lmao.

Big dicks are great and all, sure. I dated an asshole who had a rather large one and besides his fetish for black women (and having them as his “slaves”), he would make me tell people that he wanted to fuck the fact that his dick was so big. He would continuously try and force me into having a threesome because “I couldn’t handle all the dick and he wanted to have sex 8 times a day for hours at a time and I couldn’t possibly be able to satisfy him completely.”

Its really not something to behold.

Sex is sex, but it’s so much better when the dick is attached to someone you’re attracted to more than just sexually. I am a woman, so yeah, I’m going to connect different feelings and attractions together.

when men are self-conscious about penis size, I can kinda understand it. As a woman, you’re seeing my tit size and the size of my ass through my clothes. What you see is what you get. For a man, it’s a crap shoot. They wear loose clothing so not only would you not know what their body actually looks like, you have no idea what their dick size would be unless you touch it (and if you want to get arrested for sexual assault, that would be a good idea).

It’s crazy that people really put an emphasis on big dicks… if you’re dick is 6.5 inches, gets somewhat fat when hard, has some really smart guy attached to it, that dick is ready!

I seem to get really bored really easily. It’s bad. I’m trying not to be that way, but excitement goes two ways I suppose. I can’t be the only one that’s all about everything. So that has something to do with it too I guess.

Obviously, everything I’m speaking of is more emotional than physical. I don’t think the physicality matters as much.


He’s 34. Lives alone. Very attractive. Web developer. Works for the state.

I had such a great conversation with him! And that sex was pretty fucking spectacular.

He kept telling me that I was fucking hot and he wish he could come home to the sight of me naked In his bed every fucking night. Haha when I took my pants off, he told was like “goddamn!”.

But ok, so he’s got a thick one. Ahhh. He def. liked my bj.

He was respectful in pulling out with a condom on. He came while staring at me rubbing on his inner thigh and gooch area. After I rode him reverse. He came all over the fucking place

We talked a lot about meet on apps and how people think it’s weird, but he’s met quality people on it. He said it’s possible to meet weird mofo’s IRL, too.

I talked a little about my experience with IRL vs actual meeting.

Bro, he was so chill and understood that after 2 weeks, you forget how you bet someone if you make a connection with them.

I noticed in our 30’s now, guys don’t care that you slept with them instantly rly😦 like who the fuck cares? Honestly…

I’m new here! I like to meet new people!

When I sucked his cock, that shit shit shit right straight up. Goddamn.

I plan on having sex again tomorrow. But who knows… if I don’t build that connect, I won’t want to.

If I’m not willing to kiss you on the first date, I’m not having sex with you. If the conversation is awkward… or no conversation occurs… nothing will occur.

My issue is that I’m able to have conversations with everyone. I always have questions on what a nigga is thinking, so I will Always Ask questions to try and move the conversation forward.

That nigga could fuck for hours though. I even got on his reverse. He was going to cum… I could tell.

He was sexy.

So far, two hangouts. Two people who want to see me again. I will be a busy person this summer!