My vagina.

Is in pain bro. God faaack.

Ok, I’m late. I haven’t even completely loubed my body up. I think I may still be intoxicated.

Oh well, I hope they don’t make me do anything today. Max didn’t text me back! I’m just going to continue the reaction with the 1 ug bottom spot. Lmao.

Mother shit faaack my pussy is really sore actually. Fuck, it’s ab day too. I’m gonna have to come home, change and then go back to the school.

Unprotected sex with multiple partners by Against me. That’s my anthem. Actually, it’s “The Rules” by Ben Kweller.

I’m definitely still intoxicated from last night.

Me gusta me reggae. Me gusta punk rock.

I’m mad late for work, and I’m going incognito cause I don’t want niggas to realize that I’m still wasted.

My poor vagina…

the severity of my sore-ocoty. Penis. Vagina. Dick pussy shit. I hope I sober up soon.

Someone’s giving their defense today. It’s an exciting time in the life of a chemist…

Not only was I half drunk today, I also fell right on my ass in the back of the lab.

I’m fucking pissed!!

these leggings are ruined!

Someone is going to pay for this damage. So here’s the blow by blow…. I was walking out of the lab minting my own fucking business and this idiot post doc had wax all over the floor for reasons unknown to me. He didn’t say shit: he just watched me slip three times before splat! I end up right on my ass.

Lol first my vagina, now my fucking ass. I’m going to be forced to be celebate if this shit continues!

so Dexter’s schedule sucks and we’re going to have to reschedule the vacation. Boooo!!

My vagina needs to chill anyway.

I plan on spending the 4th with Varon, instead of going to Alex Vignona’s party, even though Ethan will be there. I had one surprise Ethan viewing for the week.

That shit last night was so memorable. I don’t even know why it happened because I was very intoxicated, but my god that was some of the best sex I’ve had in a good minute.

I’m even scared to look at the text messages. Lmao.

I think I should mention that him and his gf are in an open relationship, so I don’t sound like someone that sleeps with married men (though I have in the past, but this time it’s legal).

I feel like asking Travelle if he wants to be fuck buddies again. But honestly, I don’t like his style. He had a large penis as well, but he feels the need to stick the entire thing in you the first shot and that is just uncomfortable.

I feel like once Eric broke up with me, I just turned into a sex beast. Sex with Eric was good… it wasn’t like spectacular or anything. But I really turned the ho on after the break up. Fucking Ethan without a condom. I am wild. He didn’t cum inside me though, so I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

I think the other time him and I had sex, we didn’t use condoms because I remember my period being mad late and I was so scared.

Unprotected sex is not something I do on occasion, but with big dicks, it’s kind of a buzzkill if you use one. It’s like kind of a waste.

But with smaller guys, I don’t mind it as much.

Ethan was tossing my salad and shit last night (or early this morning rather) I mentioned that white boys love ass play. Like why is that? He just laughed and kept eating my ass. Lmao.

I’m not a slut, I’m a well adjusted person that enjoys sex.

My right buttcheek is killing me!! These motherfuckers really caused an injury to my ass. I was so pissed when it happened;the first person I called was Varon to yell and holler about it. I was going crazy.

I keep getting the feeling of wanting to take my clothes off, but I’m still at the lab. It’s almost 4 and it’s not looking like I’m going home anytime soon.

I missed my NMR session today because Bilal decided that he was going to take his lunch while his shit was on biotage. Then there was a error while he was gone. I tried to fix it and I ended up doing some shit which caused one of his test tubes to overflow. It was 1 pm at this point and the only available NMR time was at 2:30… nigga came back at 2, bro! I was fucking tight!!

I’m not even going to rotovap my top spot. I’ll save that for tomorrow so I can NMR it then. Ugh.

I’m just waiting for the bottom spot to finish evaporating so I can head home. I had plans with Jake later, but I think I may cancel. I want to drink a little because I took two Ritalins instead of just one today. I probably shouldn’t have done that.

Last night

Was wild. My vagina hasn’t been satisfied like that in a long minute. My bed got all discombobulated. I woke up in a still sweaty heap.

Ethan…. good Goddamn

If he continues to sling cock like that, I will be very happy.

I need to take a shower. He came all over the place. All over me…

god. I don’t even want to think about sex. That mother fucker laid it all the way down.

Sex is 10x better without condoms. Sorry… it just is. He was able to handle me. And keep going. Not too many are!

God. I am completely satisfied. For once in life. Let me get this science going.

I wish I could wash my bed… but no. It’s drenched. I just need to shower now.

My jaw is on fire. I was grinding my teeth last night.

I like sleeping alone.

Having random hookups. I like it. I’m a slut, who cares. I like that kind of time.

The excitement of it was better than when I had expectations.

My hormones are quelled for at least the rest of this week. God. That mother fucker.

big cocks are satisfying. I’m just gonna day that. Ok, fine they don’t HAVE to be big.

Ethan’s shit was not like Dexter large… but it was huge. My vagina wants no more cock!

I’m not having sex until dexter. Two weeks from now… I need to stop. Lmao. I’m going into work with a hop and a step. First time in ages I can completely say I’ve been satisfied.

It’s the lack of condom I think. I like breaking the “rules”.

“Tell me all the rules, girl. I just wanna get them wrong.”

LMAO. This nigga is awake right now too. Jesus. I’m not the only person that’s an insomniac. Lmao. I don’t even know how he got here. Idt he drives. He might.

Can I talk again about how good that sex was? Jesus. I didn’t want to stop. He had to be like “Brah it’s like three. ”

I feel like I quoted Charles Manson last night, but not with Ethan. I think I was on the phone with Varon. That nigga said, “the only thing doctors are good for is curing the clap.” Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Omg. I probably shouldn’t go to work in this condition. I’ll sober up by 10.

… I think. God fuck. I don’t think anyone that wants to be friends with me should read this. I’m a promiscuous drunken slore that loves unprotected sex.

God. This is an admission, My orgasms on a condomed individual vs. no condom is like night and day. I’m just gonna spell it out, you will never satisfy me if you have one on. It’s just never gonna happen.

The older you get, the less you use them, right?

I’ve got a bitch of a hangover this morning. Goddamn my life bro.

There’s sweat and jizz all over my bed. Meh. Clean sheets are nice…

omg! I just noticed that he broke my fan. Omg this is going to be death in here without a fan.