High School.

So I suppose Max is going to have a high school teacher working with us over the summer. Our lab is so full, we literally don’t have any hoods left… but he wants that grant.

It was so funny; max googled the dudes name, and tried to see a picture. He saw one picture and he goes, I think this is him, and me and the other girls started laughing cause the picture was of a straight up nerd.

Then he went to linked in, no picture. Max was like “come on dude!” Lmfao.

Max is unironically hilarious. It’s so crazy just hearing him talk like a normal person and not a professor. Lmao. I love this man.

Anyway, we have 6 people in our lab… we’re about to add another person. I have a feeling my vacuum hood will be shared. Unfortunately. I don’t wanna share my hood with anyone but Max!

So, our lab is about to get full. We will have at least 5 people doing synthesis. 😖

At least I’ve had these past two days off…

Please don’t split my hood!

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