The insanity.

Finally, I’m back to work and this mother fucking bus gotta play these games.

Of course, I spoke too soon. Lmfao.

So my course of action today is to purify my shit by biotage. Then TLC the fuck outta the shit. Combine. Rotovap. That should take me at least 6 to 7 hours.

Actually, it may not take that long. I might be overrating how complicated this shit really is. At least I’m making stuff and not dwelling over Schrödinger’s cat.

God, shoot me if I ever had to do research in physics.

I was accepting into the assistant TA program in the chem dept! So I’ll be TAing a general chemistry lab section. I’m excited but next semesters going to be wild. I hope I have time for research. I might drop the stupid Arab class and just take Russian next semester.

so equilibration should take about 10 mins. I’ve been at it for 15. I haven’t even loaded my shit on yet!

Here’s a picture of me being a chemist:

Here’s our biotage;

So the non polar solvent we use in my lab is Hexane. We use a lot of Hexane and a lot of DCM (methylene chloride) tell me how WE HAVE NO GODDAMN HEXANES IN THIS LAB RIGHT NOW!!

Sometimes Max gets me kinda angry at how cavalier he can be when it comes to ordering t reagents and solvents!

I probably should’ve column purified it.

This is all the hexane we have!

Actually, I lied. I found a big ass bottle of hexanes hiding behind some other big ass bottle of something. I take it back Max!! I love you!

I’ve been using the L word a lot lately, what has gotten into me?

Ok so I have two spots! The top spots look really huge. The bottom spots, not so huge. They left me in the lab alone! Shunshen was like um… qui disappeared but here’s his phone number if you need something, he’s in the building.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going to puke. So weird. Idk what the fuck it is…

This Ber Guy is super annoying. I think he might be a stalker.

omfg!! I have my shit on the rotovap at high pressure… but nothing is happening. This is the same rotovap that I supposedly broke. I don’t know why or what to do about this.

Qui is watching some Chinese novella. His ass hasn’t been in the lab once today. lol everyone seems lazy after the conferences.

Goddamn it. I still have poor conversion! I think Max might have me run photolysis again! God, how annoying.

Here’s my spectra from today:

The bottom spot looks more pure this time… but I have such a small volume of it after everything. If I weighed it, it would be about 1 mg…. if that. It could be a microgram honestly. It’s so small.

I’m pissed, but I’m waiting for what the boss tells me to do….

I’m about to say something somewhat fucked up… but it’s not coming from a place of malice. You can unlock it with the password analsex


High School.

So I suppose Max is going to have a high school teacher working with us over the summer. Our lab is so full, we literally don’t have any hoods left… but he wants that grant.

It was so funny; max googled the dudes name, and tried to see a picture. He saw one picture and he goes, I think this is him, and me and the other girls started laughing cause the picture was of a straight up nerd.

Then he went to linked in, no picture. Max was like “come on dude!” Lmfao.

Max is unironically hilarious. It’s so crazy just hearing him talk like a normal person and not a professor. Lmao. I love this man.

Anyway, we have 6 people in our lab… we’re about to add another person. I have a feeling my vacuum hood will be shared. Unfortunately. I don’t wanna share my hood with anyone but Max!

So, our lab is about to get full. We will have at least 5 people doing synthesis. 😖

At least I’ve had these past two days off…

Please don’t split my hood!