Oh my god

Ok, it’s noon right now… I literally just woke up.

Max is there. I’m not.

I’m not even awake. All the way.

When do I ever sleep? Lol this is so crazy. I’m gonna have to figure this shit out over the weekend. I don’t ever over sleep or sleep period. Now I’m sleeping and I have to control this shit.

“I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving”

Sorry that song is getting extra plays on my shit today.

Anyway, back to the fact that I have booger’s in my eyes and I didn’t take a shower before coming to work. Or brush my hair.

Fuck. I know what I have to do. Ammonium hydride, DCM. My silica shit. Extract. Extract. Extract.

Like a god on earth shining like the heavens.

I want to fuck the shit out of my boss.

Ok, so I got to see him once, the entire day. It was my fault, I was late. I came in at noon.

Bro. I was shitting my pants when I woke up this morning. I deadass slept through all of my alarms.

Omg, these girls in my lab are so fucking annoying. They just talk, talk, talk and don’t ever shut the fuck up.

so him and I talked, he was like “Fatima, you did photolysis by yourself?” “So it’s ready for purification?” “Ok. You can purify it next week”

Dude, my left hand.:..

Idk what to do about this…

It’s kinda gross… but I’m just peeling the shit out of it.

In other news, the more and more I think about Eric’s lying ass, the more I get angry. I really just wish he would grow a pair and just talk about it rather than allowing it to fester.

There’s an entry stuck to the top of the page? I will unlock it after I talk to him. It’s not going to be very nice.

I think he’s stopped reading anyway, which is probably good for his failing mental health.


it’s crazy. It’s like I’m super beautiful today or something. Walking down the street, every person I see that has testosterone coursing through their veins is trying to talk to me.

You’d think that this would give me the confidence to forget someone who couldn’t give a flying fuck about me…. mmmm… nope.

My friends say that maybe he realized how much hotter I was than him, and probably thought that I would realize it so he wanted to be the one to dump me before I dumped him.

I don’t think that this story even makes sense… especially after he tried to play the victim and say that I dumped him… via text message. He’s just lying… and I’m really not sure why. I hope he can honestly tell me the fucking truth.

I hate to say this cause it’s fucked up, but I don’t think he was able to handle a woman like me. Everyone thinks I’m attractive, yes. People are gonna hit on me, yes. I don’t think he was able to deal with being with a woman like that. Maybe he felt like I could do better. Not to be cocky, but I know there is no way he felt he could do better. Physically, at least.

I was probably the hottest girl he’s ever had sex with, but that’s besides the point.

Maybe I was too intimidating. Hey, I’ve intimidated a lot of men in my day. It’s normal.

But one thing I can say, I wasn’t ever going to break up with Eric. Ever. I liked him. A lot. I kinda still do unfortunately. I know he doesn’t deserve my energy… but I don’t know. It’s going to take some time to completely forget about him.

This is why I need him to just say some fucked up shit to me and make me feel like trash. Otherwise, I’ll continue being this idiot that likes someone who doesn’t like me.

I want for him to come up to me next week and just tell me I’m a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve shit. I need that! Ugh.

My sugar is out of control today, so I’m not going on the date. I rescheduled for tomorrow. He seems really nice.