Some Guys: Dating Woes (at least you’re honest)

Some guys can get really creepy really quickly. It makes me not even want to date anymore.

I usually wouldn’t just go back out there so quickly, but I am SO FUCKING PISSED AT ERIC.

I need to forget about him. Today! So maybe I’m making some rash decisions. One I will never make again… don’t give anyone your phone number. They will call you a million times, then text profusely until you have to block they ass.

I don’t have time for that psycho shit. Ok, I’m just a woman out there trying to make friends first, if that’s possible. (It never is).

Eh. At least I learned everything out of that ordeal. Oh, also, do not date/hang out/be friends with anyone with the name James. They’re just trouble.

This is the worst thing to ever say after you get a match….

I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous about meeting anyone from online and shit. I’ve gotten a few matches, they all seem pretty professional and down to earth, so far.

I have a dude that likes to play kickball, then some engineers, and others in pharmaceuticals. I feel like I should try to meet them all, since I have the bad habit of just sticking with one thing all the time, and that’s it.

So Friday one, Saturday the other, Sunday I’m gonna sleep all day because I need to do that -‘d then next weekend I’ll do something similar.

I wish I had a body guard though. It’s scary venturing out on my lonesome. But I’m a grown ass woman, I’m gonna have to eventually.

I get scared of the guys that right away want my phone number or want to go out on a date… it’s like slow the fuck down!!

So my moves are, wait for them to want to hang out… then I get their phone number (but they don’t get mine) and on the day (tomorrow or whatever), I’ll text them when I’m ready to do something.

I will not, under any circumstance, get into anyone’s vehicle. We will meet at the public establishment.

Oh, I will also post their profiles on here once I meet with them (for my own safety). Like in case I come up dead, that’s the profile I was chatting with.

Good plan right?

Really Bro? (I’m Always Made to Be The Bad Guy)

Supposedly, now, I’m the one who broke up with him via text message, And then for 36 hours, I texted him fucked up shit to get a rise out of him.

I bet he is telling all his friends this bullshit.

This is not true.

I never broke up with him. He’s the one that brought up breaking up…. after not talking to me for two days.

Any normal person probably would’ve broke up with him… but I didn’t.

First of all, who sends someone nudes and then breaks up with them. Not meee… it’s an excuse. I cannot wait for him to explain his fat fucking lying face.

I told him that if he continues to be distant, this wouldn’t work out. Instead of trying to change, he conceded.

I really believe that he just didn’t want to do this anymore. He used what I said as an excuse. I’m going to get him to admit it if it’s the last thing I do.


Really? I broke up with you? You broke up with yourself you piece of shit. You made it so we would have to break up. You don’t want to change. You don’t want to treat me with respect.

You didn’t fucking care about me. If you did, then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. You’re the fakest piece of shit I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

I swear, he’s probably running to everyone telling them this bullshit story.

I’m texting you for 36 hours trying to get a rise out of you? AFTER I broke up with you? Why the fuck would I dump you then continue to text you? That doesn’t even make sense.

I texted him, he didn’t respond to anything. I asked him to block me if I was bothering him and if he didn’t want to talk to me. He didn’t. He liked the attention.

Well, unfortunately, Eric, that will probably be the last time you get attention from any good looking girl that’s not a trans man or a butch lesbian because you like fucking things up.

When someone can see through your bullshit and see the good, still you fuck that up.

I really hope you get your PhD., but I’m scared to say that you probably won’t because you’re lazy as fuck.

Eric is the biggest fucking liar ever. Yeah, I’m calling out the government. Everyone needs to know of his lying prowess.

It’s not fair for me to feel like I did everything wrong, I’m the bad guy.

I hate to say this, but Eric is becoming a really intense liar.

I hope he listens very clearly and I hope he sees the mistake he made.

But he probably won’t. He’s never wrong. Well then here you go, cuntbag. I wrote this specifically for you:

Foregoing your lack of motivation, communication and common sense,

Seriously, I played myself.

Looking past your ignorance, lies and disrespect…

I could my waste time with a better catch.

My willingness to give the benefit of a doubt

and expected honesty

I’ve taken feelings off the shelf.

Soon you’ll learn, in due time

you’re a 10 to me, and a 5 to everyone else.

Fuck you, Eric.

Heres the “36 hours”:

I obviously didn’t break up with him.

You need to cool off? Lol I’m the one that got dumped. But this is the truth. Watch, I’m gonna have to go to some fucked up means like send all his friends everything like this entry.

He can eat my pussy from the back (he does it well). Sex on the other hand, I always counted back from 120 and it would be over. 😋

I’m late.

I’m going in late today, who cares? Max won’t be there anyway… so what’s the point?

All I need is the methyl benzoate order to come in so I can move on with the photochemistry. But… no one knows where it is.

So I’m gonna go in there, find out if they got the benzoate… then leave if I’m not needed so I can pack and get out of here.

So Jake and I went out for brewskies yesterday,

(Trying to find a place to go was so frustrating… he wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. He just wanted so badly to go to Madison Avenue. Then when we got to Madison, he said, “No… this isnt madison… doesn’t it split in the road and then you choose left or right?” I was like, nigga if you don’t fucking figure shit out right now, I’m gonna jump outta this car”. )

We decided to go to pint sized cause the mother fucker did not want to stop driving when. We got to Madison. He like needed to see this “fork in the road”.

I got the fake juice bomb.

So I also told him my “secret”. He was the first person in Albany I ever told this “secret”.

But finally I revealed it. At this point if you judge me for it, and all of my other past indiscretions, judge your mom too. I don’t even think I’ve ever said this here, publicly…

so… here it is… I was born a man.

Ok, just kidding, that’s not it. I’ll reveal it in due time. I want to tell people before they read it here first.

Anyway, I’m here. It’s like 10:30. I’m checking NMR and if there isn’t anything else for me to do, I’ll leave and start packing.

Goddamn it, this man at the NMR machine is taking so fucking long. I kinda wanna go before maintenance. I guess I should’ve gotten here earlier. Come on, bro!!

It’s like he’s analyzing his spectrum right there. Brooooo…. come on!!!

Now I’m gonna have to book a room.

Glorious! I can finally do the photochemistry, except my flat bottom quartz flask is not dry. So I had to stop everything and dry it off.

But it’s going… I just wanted to run this NMR again, and make sure I got it until like 20 ppm.

I doubt I’ll be here for long today.

So I got to NMR… here’s what the system looks like:

some nuclear shit going on in this bitch!

So I ran my sample again, to see if I could see anything after 10 ppm… nothing except a little noise.

it’s basically the same. I HATE when max marks off the solvent peaks cause I’ll be analyzing the shit, and then it’s like, “Ohhh nooo Fatima, that’s not your compound, it’s the solvent”.

Seriously…. how can there be so many solvent peaks… that leaves nothing for my compound. At least downstream wise. There’s too much shit up stream.

I doubt very much that there is a carboxylic acid in my compound. Through Max wants me to believe that the acidic proton switched with a Deterium in my solvent, so that’s why I’m not seeing the peak. Hmmmm… it makes sense… but is it plausible?

maybe. He’s the one with the PhD, so my compound’s life is really in his hands.

so I’m home now, and I was signing “Are You That Somebody” while throwing out the trash, and some dudes on the porch next door were like “Hey Babygirl, I’m new to the neighborhood”

I can’t say enough how much I hate that shit. You wanna talk to me, walk down, shake my hand, and introduce your fucking self.