I was thinking of skipping

School today. I really didn’t want to get up this morning. It was a drag. I legitimately got an hour of sleep last night. I’m exhausted.

I’m about to get some ACN solvent from our solvent case, and drink a liter of it in kool-aid. Jonestown, nigggaaassss.

I think I would use opioids if I was ever to kill myself like that. I’d rather be high and floaty before I die then puking my guts out.

Why the fuck am I talking about techniques I could use to kill myself? God.

But seriously, fentanyl. I like opioids too much I think. I haven’t touched one in over 7 years, but I still think if I wanted to die, that would be my method.

I’m like nodding on the bus. Not because I’m high, but because I’m so tired. 9:30 is the latest I’ve ever gotten to work.

Omg I’m not even paying attention. I literally walked into a wall and almost tripped down the stairs. Fuck committing suicide… I might actually die today.

Right when I walk in, I make myself a cup of tea. It had to be earl gray because the others had no caffeine. Coffee would be better, but Max and them are huge drinkers of tea so I decided to take whatever I’m able to get for free.

I’m shocked that he isn’t in wearing that ridiculous beanie. Omg I really need to get a picture of that beanie tho! Maybe once we’re best friends (lmao).

Thank god for adult Ritalin (concerta) because I’m more awake now. I knew there was a reason I took it. (Plus before I study or do things where my full attention needs to be drawn to something).

I’m scared I might still be kinda stoned from last night. Brah, I got so lit I couldn’t even see my phone screen. The light reflecting off of it looked like little rainbow pixels.

So now my ass is ready to work, wearing a really fancy shirt, and these niggas really wanna tell me I have to clean today? I’m not getting silica gel on my shirt, bro.

God this earl grey is kinda nasty, not gonna lie.

Great… I got one hour of sleep. I’m semi-stoned, now I have to do dishes and clean the damn lab. Fuck it! I want to do chemistry. Max said he isn’t going to be here until Friday.

I guess I’m not coming in on Thursday either.

Now that I know I do dishes on Tuesdays, thanks for the heads up, Max… I now know to dress accordingly on Tuesdays. My hands smell and feel like dried acetone nail polish. Disgusting.

So we’re getting our lab inspected today I suppose. So I cleaned my hood… my new and improved hood ladies and gentlemen!:

It’s sexy now!

So I’m kinda sad that max isn’t here.

that means I’m not doing shit the rest of the day.

Maybe I can start photochemistry with the bottom spot.

All of a sudden, my stomach feels like its punching me from the inside. Goddamn, I hope I can be like this for the rest of the day.

It’s gross out too, I was looking forward to eating my lunch outside today but… looks like that is not happening.

I’m like on full in-and-out mode, like the fucking burgers on the west coast, dude.

I need qui and shunshen to hurry up with lunch, I got shit I have to do!!

Since I have Thursday off, I want to make up my time but today, I guess I’m getting cut early.

Meh, boring ass day.

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