I Look Good Naked.

There was a time in my life where I was not comfortable in my own skin.

I thought I was ugly; this was before I lost my virginity and I didn’t ever want to get naked in front of a man.

I was about 135-140 (at my largest) lbs… and at 4’ll, that put me in the overweight category (BMI-wise). I always had a rather large posterior, but I also had fat around my waist.

I always dreamed of being able to wear a crop top and skinny jeans, and looking really cute in them.

Around age 19, the pounds just started to come off. My mother called it “baby fat”.

My body began to take shape… I was actually becoming sexy!

Now, at 30 years old, I love my body! I am super comfortable in my skin, and I love being/looking at myself naked.

Not trying to be conceited, but my body is pretty nice. I don’t quite have an hourglass shape (because I have no boobs), but I have a tiny waist and very large hips.

If I remember correctly, my measurements are: 34-24-38.

But you can be the judge…

“And she fine, fine, fine tho. And she fine times 9-9-9 bro. Don’t matter the number just know it’s uncountable”

Also, I have the “forever young” look. I’ve looked the exact same for 10 years. Lol

Me in 2015: (rocking the natural hair… lol)

Me in 2014:

Me in 2013:

Me in 2012:

Me in 2011:

Me in 2010:

Me in 2009:(yeah, I had my Monroe pierced.. don’t judge me! I was 20!)

Me today: (with NO makeup because I realized that I don’t need it)

So idk. When it comes to what I look like, I like what I look like, but I am aware that I am an acquired taste.

I don’t think I’m sexy to everyone, but I’m sexy to me and that’s all that matters!

P.S. LMAO! I just found a picture of me taking acid

This was circa 2010.

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