My Effort

To get in before everyone has been thwarted by the fact that the CDTA sucks a lot of cock. I NEED to make it in before Aly does. That rotovap is mine, bitch.

Looks like I was wrong about the spectrums from yesterday. My top spot is pure, my bottom spot is a mixture. I’m getting so confused because he said something kinda opposite the other day, or at least I believed it to be opposite. Maybe I wasn’t listening well enough.

Whatever, the first thing I did was hit the rotovap and guess who was there to check and make sure everything was on correctly… ugh. I guess it was on a little loose and before I could even look at it enough to fix it, she’s telling me something is wrong.

The first thing she said when she walked it was, “Hey Max! Did you hear the bump trap broke?” And he goes, “Yeah, I know. I already bought a new one” then she goes, “we need to talk about her and Bilal doing dishes on Tuesdays and Thursdays during group meeting today.” And he goes, “yeah, yeah, we’ll talk about it”

Lol he didn’t give a rat’s ass about anything she had to say. It was kinda funny. Then we continued to work on what we were working on.

We are collecting the top spot and doing the next reaction with them. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of the top spot. We didn’t really get a good yield.

Max is moving in slow motion today or something. He’ll say, ok, let’s do this… then minutes later he’s sitting next to shunshen eating chocolate covered mangoes. Lmao.

Here’s a picture of my hood. As you can see, I’ve got silica gel all over the fucking place (maybe I should take back how conservative I tried to act towards the silica). This is after I cleaned my hood too. We’re about to do another reaction so I wanted as much space as possible.

I’m all set and ready to go but where is my boss?!?! Nowhere to be found!

Finally, we discussed the next part of the reaction. So, this next part is like a Williamson ether synthesis, except we’re using an acetic acid halide, instead of a regular primary halide.

This is the plan:

He says we will get to purify tomorrow.

so now I’m in here running NMR with Aly. God, she really likes to point out every single mistake I’m making, but not in a teachable kind of way like Max. It’s in a kind of a demeaning way.

In more positive news, I’m really becoming a chemist. Like, obviously, I am a chemist… but the way I think about mechanisms is like a chemist.

So, for Orgo 2, Jia never made us memorize the mechanisms of the reactions. Just the reactants, reagents, and major products.

Max made us memorize the mechanisms!

The reaction I’m doing today, as I mentioned before, is kind of like Williamson Ether synthesis. I learned this reaction during Orgo 2.

Well, Max asks me to propose a mechanism of the reaction… I just put my thinking cap on and thought about what was actually going on.

I have sodium hydride. This is an ionic compound. Sodium is positive, hydrogen is negative. The negatively charged hydrogen acts as a nucleophile and attacks the proton attached to the alcohol group.

This reaction creates the ionic complex pictured above, plus hydrogen gas (which is very toxic and volatile).

I love how I just came up with that like it was second nature. Chemistry is like second nature for me. I don’t know, it’s weird. I just understand it (better than anything else)!

I’m actually getting along better with Aly now. Or at least she’s not giving me a stank attitude. We talked about being a TA since all grad students have to TA for their first year, she talked to me about the grading standards.

So my TA last semester would just give you all A’s no matter what you wrote in your report. Stinky didn’t hand in 3 lab reports, and he got a B on all three of those reports. He got an A on all the others.

She told me that to give a student a grade lower than a B was stressful. You’d have to go to the lab advisor’s office and talk to him first before giving a student a grade lower than a B.

Kinda scares me that this kind of structure is what is used to prepare me for grad school…. but another day done!

Onto anhydride creation tomorrow…